Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cobblers Bench Shoe & Boot Repair in Frederick, MD - Your Source for Cleaning & Repair of Boots, Shoes, Belts, Purses, Breifcases, Luggage, Leather & Jackets in Frederick, MD


Cobbler's Bench Shoe & Boot Repair in Frederick, MD specializes in shoe and boot repair and carries a complete line of shoe care and comfort products to help you keep your footwear looking and feeling good. We maintain standards of the highest quality in craftsmanship, materials and merchandise. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.


  • Boot Cleaning & Repair
  • Shoe Cleaning & Repair
  • Shoe & Boot Polishing
  • Leather Repair
  • Leather Jacket Repair
  • Purse / Handbag Repair
  • Luggage Repair
  • Belt Repair
  • Work Boots Cleaning & Repair
  • Timberland Boot Repair

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