Monday, January 19, 2009

Kent Courtney's latest on-line article on Fire Extinguishers

When I was in the U.S. Navy, on board both the USS PROTEUS (AS-19) and the USS MOBILE (LKA-115), it was my responsibility for Damage Control communications. On a ship, a fire can be catastrophic. You have to fight the fire. You can run out of a home or business when it's on land. On a ship, you have to fight the fire - or swim with the sharks.

If it's your home, you have to decide if you want to save your home. Most fires start pretty small, with little initial damage. At this point, they can be controlled with a nearby fire extinguisher. In a home kitchen fire, a range-top fire suppression system can put out a hot and difficult grease fire quickly.

The key is being prepared. Baker's Fire Protection and Safety Equipment Company can provide the basic things that can save lives and property. They have two websites that can provide you with more information. They are:

Click here for in-depth information.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


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Monday, January 12, 2009

Kent Courtney Saves Client from Turkish Attack

In breaking news, Turkish hackers are attacking numerous websites and servers throughout these United States and replacing those sites with an un-savory message.

One of Kent Courtney's clients - Being With Vital Health - was attacked by the Turks in a website that was hosted by a server that was not part of the AreaGuides Network.

Being With Vital Health had two websites. One was the hacked site. The other was the Being With Vital Health site on

Within minutes after the report, Kent Courtney gave instructions to redirect the URL pointer to a site on Kent Courtney had recommended the site as necessary when Being with Vital Health first came onboard as a sponsor.

This site is hosted by the AreaGuides Network and their servers are secure from the Turkish attacks.

Up to the minute alertness and prior preparation minimized the attempted defamation by the Turks.

To view the article, go to:

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