Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Leo Alexander for Mayor "Bridging the Digital Divide"

I have lived in Washington DC for 2 years and my son has now been home schooled for 18 of those months. We brought him from a VA school system where I was raised and were just appalled by the DC public school system especially since we live in the Chevy Chase area of Washington DC. If the Upper NW
elementary schools are this bad how bad must it be in NE and SE?

Mr. Alexander has a plan to "Bridge the Digital Divide" making it finally possible for our DC students to compete with their counterparts in Fairfax and Montgomery County.

Leo Alexander knows that this can not be done without finally bringing a seamless technology plan to the DC Public School system that will not only allow our children the
chance to raise their test scores but to see what is available to them outside of their own neighborhood.

Capitol City Geeks fully support his efforts. Please visit Leo's newly designed website at www.LeoAlexanderForMayor.com

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